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Hi, I’m Raphael! 👋

I write software for my job and for fun - mostly in Python and Go. I specialize in Python development and automated testing. I’m a core developer of cookiecutter and pytest.

I’m interested in Open Source Software communities, documentation, blogging, speaking at conferences, computergraphics, 3D animation and other topics that involve creative use of code.

I currently live in Berlin, Germany and work as a software engineer at moovel Group. Before relocating to Berlin in April 2017, I had worked as a software engineer at FanDuel in Edinburgh, UK and as a Python developer at Mackevision in Stuttgart, Germany for several years.


Do you like my work on Open Source Software projects? I would love to hear from you - please get in touch via twitter or email. 😃

Support my open source work

Do you or your company/agency/organization use Cookiecutter? Then please support its development by signing up as a patron.

Thank you! 😊

Blog is published using Hugo, hosted on GitLab Pages and SSL via Cloudflare.

The theme is a fork of Cocoa.

I am much more likely to write, if I use the tools that I also use for programming, rather than some web-based CMS

➡️ Git, VS Code or Vim and Markdown



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