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Hi, I’m Raphael! 👋

I write software for my job and for fun - mostly in Python and Go. I specialize in Python development and automated testing. I’m a core developer and maintainer of cookiecutter and pytest.

I’m interested in open source software communities, writing good documentation, sharing my learnings and thoughts on this blog, speaking at community conferences and learning how to become a better tech leader. I currently live in Berlin, Germany and work as a Senior Test Engineer for Firefox at Mozilla.


Do you like my work on Open Source Software projects? I would love to hear from you - please get in touch via twitter or email. 😃

Blog is published using Hugo, hosted on GitLab Pages and SSL via Cloudflare.

The theme is a fork of Cocoa.

I am much more likely to write, if I use the tools that I also use for programming, rather than some web-based CMS

➡️ Git, VS Code or neovim and Markdown



Content licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.