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Go 1.8 release party Edinburgh
Feb 17, 2017
2 minutes read

🎈 Go 1.8 is out! 😄

On February 16th, 2017 Go user groups and meetups around the globe celebrated the release of Go 1.8, the new version of the Go programming language. This world wide party was organized by Dave Cheney, João Henrique Machado Silva and many local organizers.

So yesterday three brave Gophers spontaneously met at the Red Squirrel pub in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland to chat about new features, like improved type conversions and simplified sorting of slices, over a pint. 🍺

Check out #GoReleaseParty on twitter so see what other meetups were up to!

Edinburgh Golang

The Edinburgh Golang Meetup is a fairly new group of Go enthusiasts, founded in February 2016, and is currently 98 members strong. We usually meet once a month with 10-20 people for workshops, talks or open discussions in a friendly environment. Most of us don’t get to use Go for their university courses or as part of their day jobs, but we share an interest in the language and enjoy talking about personal projects and exchanging ideas and things we have learned. It’s fun!

If you like pizza and soft drinks, you will be happy to hear that our organizer Alexander MacQueen is doing a great job at getting local companies to sponsor the events and provide refreshments and space to meet for us (usually that’s at CodeBase in Edinburgh).

Our next event will be on Tuesday, February 28th.

We will have lightning talks (5-10 minute long talks) about several topics related to Go. If that sounds interesting to you and you happen to be in the area, please come along!

Any questions? Feel free to message Alec or myself.


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